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Labour Force Trends

Posted in Labour Market Stats, Uncategorized by lmi_thunderbay on March 1, 2011

Based on revised data to the Labour Force Survey, “employment in the Northwestern Ontario economic region has decreased by 8,300 from January 2010 to January 2011. All job losses were in full-time employment (-8,800). During this period, fewer people looked for work leading to a decline in the size of the labour force (-7,200) and a drop in the participation rate by 3.9 percentage points to 59.4%. An increase in the number of unemployed people cause the unemployment rate to increase by 1.5 percentage points from 6.3% in January 2010 to 7.8% in January 2011. Over the same period, the provincial unemployment rate declined by 8.6% to 7.6%.” More information on this and other recent labour market information for our region can be found in the January 2011 edition of Northwest Ontario Labour Market Monitor.


Mining Sector Continues to Move Forward

Posted in Uncategorized by lmi_thunderbay on January 28, 2011
According to the December 2010 Northwest Labour Market Monitor, mining is moving forward in our area:
– Stillwater Mining Company acquired property outside of Marathon to begin a new copper and paladium mine
– Manitou Gold Inc. announced favourable test results of gold in the Upper Manitou Lake area of the Kenora Mining Division
– Noront Resources Ltd. secured $10 mil in equity financing to continue development in the Ring of Fire area
And several other exciting ventures are underway for the mining sector. Check out the December issue of the Labour Market Monitor by downloading it here.
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Solar Farm to Produce 100 Jobs

Posted in Uncategorized by lmi_thunderbay on December 15, 2010

SkyPower, a Toronto-based company, has confirmed that it will construct an 8.5 MW solar park on Thunder Bay International Airport’s land. The $50 million project should be completed by mid-2011. “The project will create about 100 direct jobs during construction; there will be more economic spin-off felt in the region as SkyPower purchase supplies and materials” says SkyPower spokesman Brett James. Read the full story here:

$9.5 million for Job Training Announced!

Posted in Uncategorized by lmi_thunderbay on November 1, 2010
Kenora’s MP Greg Rickford announced that $9.5 million will be provided for job training for Aboriginals: “Aboriginal people will get the skills they need to find and keep jobs as a result of projects funded by the Government of Canada.” The Government of Canada is providing over $9.5 million for these projects through its Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy. The Strategy is part of a government-wide approach to help First Nations, Métis and Inuit secure sustainable and meaningful employment.
Read the full article here:
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New Waterfront Hotels Promises 350+ Jobs

Posted in Uncategorized by lmi_thunderbay on September 28, 2010
It may be several years away yet, but the new waterfront hotel and 2 condominiums being slated for construction will produce over 350 permanent positions for the Thunder Bay economy. Read the article here:
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Employment Decreases Across NWO

Posted in Uncategorized by lmi_thunderbay on September 22, 2010

The August edition of the Northwest Ontario Labour Market Monitor has been released.  This month’s newsletter notes the decrease in Employment across Northwestern Ontario compared to August 2009: “…decreased by 4,400 from August 2009 to August 2010 with job losses in both full-time (-1,200) and part-time employment (-3,100).”
It’s not all bad news though. Mining and Manufacturing are on the rise. Check out the report here and click on “August 2010”:

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Atikokan’s Coal Plant to be Converted to Biomass – Producing jobs!

Posted in Uncategorized by lmi_thunderbay on August 27, 2010

The Province has stated that the Ontario Power Generation will purchase the power produced at the soon to be converted biomass plant in Atikokan. This is great news for Atikokan as it means that some 200 construction jobs will be created over the next 3 years and many of the existing 90 jobs at the plant will be saved. Further, 20-25 more jobs will be created at the nearby pellet plant, where the pellets used to produce the electricity will be created. Read more about the story here:

Interesting LMI Stats for Northern Ontario

Posted in Uncategorized by lmi_thunderbay on August 18, 2010

During the first quarter (Jan-April), the unemployment rate in Thunder Bay CMA fell from an average of 8.6% to an average of 7.6% over the one-year period. This is good news for our city! You can read about this statistic and many more on the Employment Ontario Northern Region: First Quarter 2010. The document was released in April and provides many salient statistics for labour market information throughout Northern Ontario!

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Water Front Development Producing Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Posted in Uncategorized by lmi_thunderbay on August 10, 2010

The August/September edition of the MyTBay newsletter, produced by the City of Thunder Bay, suggests that the Thunder Bay waterfront development at Prince Arthur’s Landing has made strides into developing our local workforce. To date, some 333 local jobs have been created with 76 local companies being employed for work! As progress continues, these numbers are certain to increase. Stay up to date on the progress of the waterfront by visiting or joining the Facebook page:

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Terrace Bay Pulp Reaches Plan to Pay Back Creditors

Posted in Uncategorized by lmi_thunderbay on June 30, 2010

Terrace Bay Pulp will soon begin to move forward after reaching an agreement with its creditors to pay back the $35 million in claims! This is great news for the community of Terrace Bay. Read the full story from the Chronicle Journal here!

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